About the Project

Some dreams look very real. And some realities are just like a dream...

Constructed at the center of Istanbul, one of the major metropolises of the world, Alya Marin provides a refreshing and convenient lifestyle with its modern architecture, indoor and outdoor social areas, playgrounds, and the natural landscape layouts that line the buildings. Constructed using first-grade materials, Alya Marin opens the doors to a peaceful life with a constant flow of security and services.

The project consists of 9 blocs with sizes varying between 1500 and 1800 square meters. This variance separates the blocs and affords the users different apartment layouts, while at the same time providing a solution to the much-discussed issue of a construction project having a "monolithic" or "typical" design language. In addition, blocs are designed so each gets the same scenery and sunlight, sitting close to one another but at an appropriate distance that respects the residents' privacy.

All areas in the project, which has been shaped in accordance with user requests and needs, are naturally vented and receive direct sunlight. The kitchen, living room, sitting room, and other rooms in apartments with different sizes and layouts are all designed to be spacious and comfortable.

The exterior walls have a modular design that features an aesthetically pleasing combination of protrusions and recesses. The large negative space around the buildings allows the residents to witness a different Istanbul scenery at each hour of the day.

The complex is differentiated from nearby buildings with its exterior walls featuring a gray-white color scheme and the use of brick tiles.

You can also walk 100 steps to reach West Istanbul Marina, which has a capacity for 600 yachts, and you can experience the joy of going on vacation in all four seasons of the year.

Alya Marin awaits you now with its green surroundings that exude peace, proximity to the coast, and modern and inhabitable planning.


All windows are squeaky-clean, open to let in the wonderful breeze. The door of the house opens to Istanbul, and the windows to Marmara. The day opens to happiness, and the night to peace.
My house, my place, Alya Marin!


A new life begins in Kavaklı, the most beautiful neighborhood in Beylikdüzü. Facing the Sea of Marmara, surrounded in green space: Alya Marin!
It differentiates itself with an architectural design that bears traditional touches, and its vertical settlement. Reminiscent of the lovely neighborhoods of the past: a lovely place with large yards and short buildings with few stories. Happiness is a right exclusively preserved for you here.


If you miss that fresh air that will replenish your lungs... If you miss bird calls and butterflies... and honeysuckle, wisteria, redbuds, magnolia... If you desire to experience all this while having the comfort of being able to access conveniences such as a pool, fitness center, and sauna... Than Alya Marin is just for you.


We provide "an alternative life where happiness will be exclusive to you", designing a convenient and peaceful lifestyle that is "at the heart of the city, but removed from it", with life at the back, and the sea on the front. Are you ready to say hello to a world that will enhance your life, where every minute you'll spend with your family will be unforgettable?


Sunlight meets the breeze in your flat, which shows you a different Istanbul at every hour thanks to its large facade.
Alya Marin has been designed for families with its options ranging from 2-bedroom flats to 6-bedroom+2-living room apartments. Thanks to its use of state-of-the-art technology, the project gives you peace through heat and sound insulation, while the kitchen, living room, sitting room, and other rooms all offer a spacious and comfortable interior. We had fun building it, we're sure you will too when you start living inside.


Alya Marin has a lovely location, being close to schools, hospitals, and malls. When you have to leave the peace and comfort of your home, you'll find that you can be wherever you want within minutes. Greenery and the sea are a step away, and you'll feel Istanbul at every step.